We now are able to provide care via a Telehealth appointment to new and established patients.  Many conditions can be properly diagnosed and treated via the use of video/audio connection.  While, some patients may need to follow up for a more extensive physical examination and/or procedure in the office, treatment and tests can often be started with the Telehealth Visit

How does it Work?

  • When calling for an appointment, the staff will ask screening questions to determine if you are a candidate for a Telehealth Visit.

  • We will collect an email and phone contact from you.  You will receive an email with directions

  • Complete the setup and test prior to the day of your appointment and call our office if you need assistance.

    • 1st choice for connection:  Iphone and Android App​:  "Pocket Patient" 

    • 2nd choice for connection is our patient portal: 

    • 3rd choice for connection is Zoom:  

  • The nurse will call you 15 minutes prior to your Telehealth appointment to start the medical history and update meds/allergies/ test data, etc.  She will then notify you the approximate time you will receive an email notification that the doctor is ready for your Tele Visit.  Click the link in the email using the same device that has your camera and microphone and you will automatically be connected.